Rohos Logon roadmap for 2022-23

Here we would like to share the items from the product roadmap briefly.

Currently in Rohos Logon Key roadmap list:

  • More robust two-factor authentication redundancy support for Windows.
  • Integrated two-factor authentication bypass control with push notifications in Rohos Logon mobile app, better detection for various remote tools, and unattended support tools like TeamViewer, AnyDesk, VNC, etc.
  • Further development for Rohos Logon Key for Android/iOS with improvements and better push 2FA method support.
  • Better and smoother OTP self-enrollment, auto-enrollment for OTP in Active Directory.
  • MS azure support via MS Graph integration.
  • webhooks support for 2FA auditing and 3rd party SIEM integration.
  • Development of Polymorphic setup files to avoid being detected and disabled in an automated way by malware or possible attackers.
  • Adding subscription licensing type with included SLA support, updates, and Rohos SBOM data.