Rohos Management Tools 4.4

We have updated Rohos Management Tools v.4.4 adds improvements and bug fixing for Rohos Logon Key v.4.4 in Active Directory network. New Rohos Management Tools allows better MFA management over Active Directory workstations in isolated environments. With Rohos you can use industry accepted RFID cards such as EM, HID Prox, HiTag, Legic, Mifare as a second/single factor logon method for workstation/HMI terminals.

Whats new in Rohos Management Tools:

  • Added Windows Server 2019 support.
  • Updated to support latest Rohos Logon Key.
  • Added new option “Display 1FA users” that allows to specify user account that is able to login without 2FA control. Added “Language” option.
  • Improved Key Manager to support RFID UID only tags (EM, HID Prox, HiTag, Legic, MiFare Ultralight) setup. Double click on Key name now opens Key Manager to edit logon profile associated with that Card UID.
  • Added improvements to support operations outside of Domain Controller machine role.
  • Rohos Logon Key now better connects to it’s LDAP data partition located on any Domain Controller.

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The update is free. You don’t need to update license to update Rohos Management Tools.