Two-factor authentication by OTP for TSPlus remote desktop access

We have tried out Terminal Services Plus (TSPlus) solution for Remote Desktop access for Windows 7/8/10 with Rohos Logon Key installed. Both TSPlus web based access and MS Remote Desktop Connection application uses target Windows authentication system. This is the point where Rohos Logon Key applies 2-factor authentication control. The following screenshot demonstates 2FA requirement upon successfullt password based remote access with  TSPlus web :

Learn more about Rohos Logon Key benefits with TSPlus remote desktop solution.

Rohos Logon Key offers two-factor authentication for Remote Desktop access in standalone and network based Windows including Terminal Servers, Farms and Workstations.

TSPlus two-factor authentication benefits with Rohos:

  • Authentication means diversity: OATH OTP, Google Authenticator, SMS, Email or hardware OTP generator like Yubikey;
  • Flexible 2FA policy and filtering: By list of users, by AD group membership, by location, by access type: console or remote;
  • 2FA control by geographic factor: filtering LAN\WAN connections by IP address;

Simplified and transparent 2FA setup:

  • Standalone server or Enterprise scale level including Terminal Services Farm with Active Directory;
  • Rohos Management Tools for 2FA control on a domain wide scale;
  • Automated and scripted OTP configuration;

Simple and cost saving licensing:

  • Rohos Logon Key PRO license for Windows workstation; permanent; unlimited 2FA users;
  • Rohos Logon Key Server license for big Windows Servers (Windows 2008 and 2012/16); per host; permanent; unlimited 2FA users;
  • Rohos Logon Key Small Server license; per host; permanent; up to 15 2FA users;

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