MacOS High Sierra support in Rohos Logon Key

We have updated Rohos Logon Key for Mac to support macOS 10.13 High Sierra. Also we would like to announce soon support for U2F security keys for Mac login.

What’s new:

  • Added support for macOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • Fixed Rohos Logon sub folders permissions conflict.

Soon: Support for U2F security key to support 2 factor authentication for Mac

Since U2F security keys are now supported by a variety of online services including Google and Facebook we expect to have its support also in Safari soon.

Security Key (now is U2F) devices and its principle based on PKI cryptography initially was researched and proposed by google engineers [link] with a commitment from a security industry. The research reveals the weak points of One Time Password (OATH OTP) implementations and offered a new approach – the ‘secret/encryption key value’ never, never leaves the security device. It is hard coded from factory and used only by device internal PKI protocol. Thanks to PKI there a possibility to verify the signature outside of device; The protocol assume the special designed digest that allows to protect outer Authentication system from a variety of attacks like: MITM, fishing etc;

By itself the U2F key could not be used by applications to generate a key pair, a random value or any kind of fixed secret key/value that can be used later as a material for encryption key. It means it can not replace PKCS#11 security devices or smart cards. It is an effective replacement for any kind of OTP codes that os generated by Google Authenticator for example or any other physical devices and tokens;